Chimney Sweeping :


GVK offers a clean and friendly service using the latest Power Sweeping method. Below are some of the appliances we sweep. Please check out our Chimney Sweeping page to find out more.

• Open Fires.
• Wood Stoves.
• Multi Fuel Stoves.
• AGA.
• Park Ray.
• Rayburn.

Birds Nests & Blockages :

GVK will remove any birds nests and blockages from your chimney. A CCTV Inspection will be carried out with this service to ensure your chimney is clear once removed. Any live birds removed will be carried out in the most humane way possible.

CCTV Survey :

You may require a CCTV Inspection if you suspect or want to look for any damage to your chimney or maybe you need a survey carried out for insurance purposes. This is one of our most useful tools so we can spot any potential problems at an early stage. GVK has the latest CCTV colour equipment which can record aswell as take pictures and then be downloaded and sent to the customer with a detailed report.


Stove Servicing :

GVK are now HETAS qualified after completing the H009 Service & Maintenance course and can carry out Service and general Maintenance on your appliance which can include :

• Rope Seal Replacement.
• Glass Replacement.
• Fire Brick Replacement.
• Fire Cement.
• Cleaning of your Appliance.
• Respraying of your Appliance.

Depending what work is required this can be done at the time of sweeping for an additional charge or rescheduled for a different time.

Smoke Evacuation Test :

GVK will perform a smoke test after every single sweep as part of our service. This is to check your chimney is drawing correctly which will ensure any poisonous gases produced from your fuel can escape up your chimney keeping you and your family safe.

Chimney Cleaning Record :

GVK will supply you with a Cleaning Certificate  for each appliance swept detailing all information and any recommendations. This may be required by your home insurance company proving that your appliance has been swept by a Certified Chimney Sweep.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms :

GVK will supply only or supply and fit Carbon Monoxide alarms if required. We will check to see if you have a working alarm at every sweep or service we carry out.

Advice :

GVK will offer any advice or guidance required to our customers FREE as part of our service.



For more information about the correct usage of your fire / appliance, also the latest on burning fuels efficiently  and what impact it has on the air we breathe please click the Burnright logo below.